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The spa's catering facilities: self-service restaurant, café, sauna bar, beer hall and ice cream stall. With this wide variety of places, everyone will be able to find the product that suits their tastes and lifestyle.
The self-service restaurant is available to guests year-round. In addition to traditional Hungarian and international cuisine, we can provide "reform" dishes as well.
In the café, among other things, delicious cakes, cream cup desserts, packaged beverages and coffee specialities await you.
The sauna bar operates during special periods, offering refreshments, cocktails, and draught beer.
The outdoor beer hall is open in good weather and attendance. Its food selection recalls an old-time atmosphere, since in addition to hot open-faced sandwiches, the big favourite, hamburger, can also be had here. And for the adults we are pleased to offer draught beer.
At the ice cream stall, we offer the indispensable delicacy of summer.

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